Pronounced Mah-nee, the 17-year-old triple threat started rapping at the age of six, picking up the family skill and talent from his mom, who was in the rap group, Queens of Compton. Early on in life, he learned the value of hard work, pursuing his goals and teamwork.

A versatile performer, his new school mixed with 90’s sound sets him apart from his peers. Likened unto his sound, his performance delivery and stage presence captivate a wide range of fans from the ages of 5-28, thanks to a determined mindset.

That mindset gained him membership into the National Honor Society, the Chris Paul award for most assists in a single basketball season, and a competitor slot on Lifetime’s Emmy-nominated TV show, “The Rap Game” Season 2. Mani’s high energy stage performance and the undeniable audience response to his “Look At Me, Now Look at Chu,” performances solidified the win and a record contract with Jermaine Dupri’s super label, So So Def.

That win sent messages to the music industry that he was the one to look out for, and now, they’re looking. Check out his first two (2) singles from the tv show “You Thought,” and “Look at Me, Now Look at Chu.” MANI has also dropped four (4) new singles and videos "They know me, What do you know, Walk in and Wavy". These singles and videos have charted, trended and have done several hundreds of thousands of streams and views on the internet. Its no surprise that his fans are extremely happy with this outcome and that he was victorious on the show proving he was the righteous choice as the winner.

Mani has started his own label entitled "Fly City Entertainment" and his own clothing line called "Yung Millionaire". Mani has taken a profound route at such a young age with these new ventures by partnering with tech genius' and merging music, technology and fashion. This makes Mani the first youth to do this in the industry. Set on changing these mediums with futuristic innovations, Im sure what Mani has in store for us will be ground breaking. 



Fly City Entertainment

Musician: Mani

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